Psalm 102

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 102


1. What is your favorite cure for the blues? Sleep? TV? Food? Exercise? Talk? How does it help?

2. What two books (besides the Bible) would you want to pass on to the next generation?

3. What hints can you find that this psalm was written during the Exile in Babylon (verse 16)?

4. List the psalmist’s afflictions (verses 3 – 11). What modern diagnoses would you give? What ailments are physical? Psychological?

5. Why does he liken himself to a desert owl (verse 6; see Leviticus 11:13 – 18)? What feelings does this and verse 7 underscore? What ails him socially (verse 8)?

6. Who does he think is responsible for the trouble (verse 10)? What is the meaning of “evening shadow” (verse 11; see Psalm 109:23)? What is the tone of this section?

7. How does the tone and content change in verses 12 – 17? Why does he bring up God’s immortality? What is his argument?

8. What is his messianic vision for Jerusalem (verse 15)?

9. If this poet has had it so bad, why does the recommend telling future generations about God (verse 18)? Why does he continue his lament in verses 23 and 24? What role has God played in his affliction?

10. How is God different from creation? What promise is reiterated in the closing verse?

11. Would the story of your spiritual life be beneficial to future generations? Os should you be forgotten? Why?

12. Are you afflicted, depressed, alone or distressed in any way? Do you feel free to express it to God? A special friend? Your church or small group?

13. Do you know of someone whose physical suffering has been worsened by the sting of loneliness? By feeling punished by God? What could you do to alleviate that situation?


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