Psalm 137

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 137


1. Have you ever sung a solo? Is it harder to sing in front of a group of people or speak to them?

2. When does this psalm take place? What is the mood of the exiled musicians (verses 1 – 3)?

3. Why do their captors demand songs (verse 3)? Why is this an offensive request? Why is remembering Jerusalem so important to the psalmist?

4. What had Edom done (verse 7; Obadiah 8 – 14)? What does the psalmist wish for them in return? What does he wish for Babylon? What must the Babylonians done to the Jews?

5. Have you or a loved one experienced deep grief? Did you “hang your harps”? Or were you pressured to keep playing and singing as before? When is it OK to hang our harps?


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