The Interpretation of Daniel’s Dream About Four Beasts (Daniel 7:15 – 28)

Scripture Text:

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Daniel 7:15 – 28

1. Share about a time when your favorite team was the underdog and they won.

2. Share about a time when you were in an underdog role and came out on top.

3. When have you gone through tough times, only to awaken and find out things came out okay?

4. How is Daniel affected by this vision (verses 15, 19, 28)? How does he learn its true meaning?

5. How might you go about cracking the code of the four kingdoms? (Modern attempts to do so are based on comparisons among the visions of Daniel in chapters 2, 7 and 9. With a chronology of major empires we know in retrospect from secular history.)

6. In judgment, what role is played by the “saints” (verses 18, 21, 22, 25, 27)? By “the Most High”?

7. How does Daniel’s view on saints in judgment compare with that of Jesus and John (see Matthew 19:28, 29; Luke 22:29, 30; Revelation 1:6; 20:4 – 6)?

8. What will kingdom possession by the saints mean, now and in the future, for the arrogant? The meek? For you?

9. Daniel shows us that God doesn’t always side with the strong or victorious (athletes, candidates, military) but with the exiled, defeated and oppressed. How might this relate to you?



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