Opposition To The Rebuilding Begins (Ezra 4:1 – 5)

Scripture Text:

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Ezra 4:1 – 5

1. How do you deal with ridicule? Revenge? Give in? Form a protective alliance?

2. What psychological tool is used here against Israel? With what effect?

3. Why did Zerubbabel and the others respond as they did (verse 3; chapter 3:2)?

4. Cyrus reigned 29 years (559 – 530 BC). What must have been the impact of such protracted opposition (verse 5)?

5. What clues tell you who has a part in God’s work, and who is opposed to him? Are such clues presumption or faith?

6. When has someone tried to wear you out or scare you away from completing a certain task? Did you continue or quit? Why?



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