Daniel’s Last Vision – Part 3 of 4: The Kings Who Exalts Himself (Daniel 11:36 -45)

Scripture Text:

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Daniel 11:36 – 45

1. If you were able to do as you pleased next year, what might you do?

2. How do you see verses 36 – 45? Support your view from the text.

  • continuing the description of Antiochus?
  • prophesying  about the coming Antichrist (of which is a prototype)?
  • a “both-and” situation?

3. In what will this Antichrist trust (verses 38 and 39)? What fierce conflicts does this evil figure wage (verses 40 – 45)?

4. To what extent will he succeed? How will he meet his demise?

5. What assumptions do the arrogant have about God? Where in your life are these assumptions at work?

6. How do Christians, churches and nations “honor a god of fortresses”? How do you rid yourself of such a fortress-mentality?

7. Daniel proclaims a relevant word from God for his current crisis. What is your relevant word from God?



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