The Promised Glory of the New House (Haggai 2:1 – 9)

Scripture Text:

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Haggai 2:1 – 9

1. What great expectations of yours have fallen short?

2. How long have the people been working (chapter 1:15; chapter 2:1)? What have the people been doing during this seventh month (see Leviticus 23:23 – 43)?

3. Why does Haggai now speak?

4. What feelings does Solomon’s temple evoke (verses 3 – 5)? How does God’s command and covenant relate to this?

5. God “shaking heavens, earth . . . nations” refers to what events (verses 6 and 7; see Exodus 8ff; Hebrews 12:26 and 27)?

6. “The desired of all nations” refers to what? When will this be (verses 7ff)?

7. What dreams of yours has shattered recently? Do comparisons with past successes help? How might God be building you into a temple of His glory?



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