Blessings For A Defiled People (Haggai 2:10 – 19)

Scripture Text:

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Haggai 2:10 – 19

1. In your home, what spreads by itself: cleanliness or messes? Give an example.

2. At winter planting time (verse 10), what does Haggai have to say?

3. Consecration does not rub off, but defilement does (verses 10 and 13). What holy work were the people trusting in that would not rub off on their fruitfulness or moral character, much to their chagrin (verses 14ff)?

4. Who is “this people” whom Haggai accuses (verse 14; see Ezra 4:1 – 5)? (With friends like these Samaritans, who needs enemies?)

5. What thematic ties do you see between chapter 2:15 – 19 and chapter 1:10, 11? Between chapter 2:15 – 19 and chapter 2:10 – 14?

6. Since crops have only just been planted (verses 10 and 19), how can Haggai assure Judah of God’s blessing?

7. When have you been tempted to trust in a holy work, as Judah did?



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