Zerubbabel the Lord’s Signet Ring (Haggai 2:20 – 23)

Scripture Text:

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Haggai 2:20 – 23

1. How much time has elapsed (verse 20; compare chapter 1:1)? How much longer before the job is done (see Ezra 6:15)?

2. In this last oracle, what will happen? When? Why?

3. What biblical events does this  day recall (see Genesis 19:25; Exodus 15:1, 4, 19, 21; Judges 7:22)?

4. What does Haggai say here about God’s power over world governments?

5. What part of your spiritual life has God begun to rebuild? How long will this rebuilding take place?

6. As the son of David and of Zerubbabel (see Matthew 1:1, 12), how is Christ like God’s signet ring (verse 23)? As a follower of Jesus, how are you also like God’s signet ring?

7. From this book, what can you apply to growing your church?



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