Four Horns, Four Craftsmen and a Man with a Measuring Line (Zechariah 1:18 – 2:13)

Scripture Text:

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Zechariah 1:18 – 2:13

1. From your childhood, what do you remember about the neighborhood or grade school bully? What eventually happened to him or her?

2. When a remodeling job must be done at home, do you get right to it, read a book first or hire a professional?

3. What effect did the horns of strength have on Judah (chapter 1:19; see Ezekiel 6:8; Ezekiel 36:19)?

4.Is the coming of the craftsmen good or bad news to the horns? To Judah? How so?

5. What remodeling job has God planned for Jerusalem? What boundaries and measurements have been set for the project?

6. How does the Lord guarantee the safety and security of its inhabitants (chapter 2:5; see Exodus 14:19, 20; Exodus 40:34)?

7. What is the future for the “Daughter of Babylon” (chapter 2:7 – 9)? For the “Daughter of Zion” (chapter 2:10 – 12)?

8. How important is Jerusalem to the Lord as the center of worship, learning and judgment?

9. Who are the bullies or “horns” that you fear?

10. In what ways has God helped defeat and subdue them in your life?

11. The measuring line is a very powerful symbol in Zechariah’s vision for Jerusalem. What remodeling would the Lord like to do in your life?

12. Are you living in the “Daughter of Babylon” or the “Daughter of Zion”? What is the Lord telling you to do about that, so you can be more “in Zion” (or in Christ)?



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