Clean Garments for the High Priest (Zechariah 3)

Scripture Text:

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Zechariah 3

1. For the first day of school after summer vacation, what did your parents do for you?

  • bubble bath the night before?
  • new set of clothes?
  • new paper and pens?
  • haircut?
  • clean fingernails?
  • all the above?

2. What did (or does) cleanliness have to do with life and learning?

3. How many characters are in this fourth vision of Zechariah? What part does each play? Who or what does Joshua represent?

4. How will their guilt be removed initially? Ultimately?

5. What are the things to come? the Branch? the stone with seven eyes? that single day?

6. What promise is given to Joshua (verse 7)? To Israel (verse 10)? What present duty and future prosperity does it involve?

7. As for your laundry and clothing situation, how is it?

  • all dirty?
  • all clean?
  • still in the wash?

8. What does it mean to “walk in God’s ways and keep His requirements” for Joshua? For your church leaders? For you?



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