The Gold Lampstand and the Two Olive Trees (Zechariah 4)

Scripture Text:

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Zechariah 4

1. What are you like when just awakened?

2. What one project at home or work do you most want to complete?

3. What do you think each object in Zechariah’s vision represent: gold lampstand? bowl of oil? channels? two olive trees (verses 3 and 14; see Revelation 11:4)?  The sevens? Mountain? Capstone? Plumb line?

4. Is this vision meant to encourage or warn the people? How so?

5. What will it take for Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple (verses 6 and 7)? At the time, what stood in his way (verse 10; see Ezra 4:1 – 5:24; Haggai 1:14; Haggai 2:1 – 5)?

6. How will Zerubbabel and Joshua utilize God’s resources?

7. How does God’s glory and blessing come into your life? Does it come more in day-to-day work (Zerubbabel) or in worship (Joshua)?

8. Into whose life will you carry blessing and renewal?

9. When told your smarts and strength alone will not get you through life or glorify God (verse 6), how do you respond? How does your life compare to the Master Builder’s plumb line? What will you do today to bring your life back into line?




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