Justice and Mercy, Not Fasting (Zechariah 7)

Scripture Text:

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Zechariah 7

1. How did you impress your spouse (or the one you hope to marry), on your first date: with flowers? make-up? clothes? car? dieting? great meal?

2. What actually impresses your date the most?

3. What question did the Bethel delegation ask Zechariah? How did he reply? What was so wrong with their fasting and feasting the past 70 years?

4. Instead, what should have they done to show “justice and mercy” in practice (verses 9 and 10)?

5. What attitude was in their heart (see 1 Corinthians 10:31)? How was that obvious? How did God react? Why?

6. How does the worship at your church or group compare with that of Zechariah’s day? Is your heart in it? How so?

7. How can you obey Zechariah (verses 9 and 10)? What do your heartfelt actions of justice and mercy say to God? To the world?

8. Do you ever feel like the Bethel group in your response to God’s Word? How so? As a result, is your life scattered or desolate? In what way?



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