The LORD Promises To Bless Jerusalem (Zechariah 8)

Scripture Text:

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Zechariah 8

1. Did you ever fall out of favor with a good friend or break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend? Over what issue? Did you ever reconcile? Who made the first move? What did you gain by mending the relationship?

2. Zechariah foresees countless benefits concerning Jerusalem getting back together with her Lord. Can you find 10 of them in today’s text?

3. What moral force is given to each blessing by the constant refrain “the Lord Almighty says”?

4. What will it take to restore the people to covenant favor and be given these blessings (verses 14 – 17)? What gap lies between promise and fulfillment? Between desire and delivery?

5. What is God’s answer to the Bethel group’s question concerning fasts (verses 18 and 19; see also chapter 7:2, 3)? What does this indicate about the health of the relationship between God and His people?

6. What role will a restored Israel play in the worship of God and His witness among the nations (verses 20 – 23)? How will other nations express their desire to know God?

7. When  parents, preachers, salespeople or politicians make too-good-to-be-true promises. are you initially trusting or are you mostly skeptical? What does your response depend on?

8. What difference does it make when God promises you something? Which of the blessings promised in Zechariah have you seen come true for spiritual Israel and the Christian Church? Which promises are yet to be fulfilled?

9. Right now, does your relationship with God feel like “feast” or “fast” (verse 19)? Explain your answer.

10. One sign of a restored Israel is that people the world over will say, “let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you” (verse 23). What does this say about the need for you and your church to grow in worship and witness? In your community, who else has a worship service or outreach program that attracts you?



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