Give Thanks To The Lord (Psalm 107)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 107


1. What do you do when you get lost while driving?

  • stop at a gas station?
  • ask people on the street for directions?
  • drive around in hope of finding your destination?
  • panic?
  • make a phone call?
  • consult your GPS navigation platform?

2. Have you ever attended a reunion? What was it like seeing old friends? Or do you avoid reunions? Why?

3. Who is invited to thank God (verses 1 – 3)? What four groups of “redeemed” people are mentioned? How should each group respond to God’s unfailing love (verses 8, 15, 21, 31)?

4. Of what time in Israel’s history do the lost travelers remind you (verses 4 – 9)? What do they symbolize? What is their basic problem (verse 5)?

5. What is the plight of the prisoners (verses 10 – 16)? Of what time in Judah’s history do they remind you (see Isaiah 45:2)? Why are they subjected to this plight? What belief of the times under-girds the reason given (see Job 36:8, 9)?

6. In the same way, how are the physically ill viewed (verse 17)? What are their symptoms? How does the Lord answer their cry (verses 19 and 20)?

7. What is the sailor’s greatest need (verses 23 – 30)? What kind of seas are described (verse 26)? Who seems to be in charge of calm seas?

8. What events are being described in the reversals of verses 33, 34, 38 and 39? When does God build up? When does God destroy?

9. With which of these four groups of people do you most identify? From what condition or state of trouble has God redeemed you: aimlessness? bondage? illness? danger? Do you need God’s help in any of these ways now?

10. What human attitude is being emphasized in this psalm? Why is it a prerequisite for being delivered? For change and growth? What should our attitude be once we have been redeemed?

11. What does this psalm say about God? About the needy? Who are the needy in your neighborhood? Your church? Among your friends? Do you make excuses for not meeting their needs? How can you become more God-like in your dealings with the needy?

12. How good are you at asking for help? Rate your “rugged individualism” on a scale from 1 (“I’m a self-made man/woman”) to 10 (“I can’t do anything by myself”).


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