Praise the LORD. (Psalm 147)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 147

1. Do you prefer thinking, talking or doing? Demonstrate from your activities today?

2. How do you express creativity?

3. List the verbs describing God’s activity. Which are thinking? Speaking? Doing?

4. When was this psalm probably written (verses 2 and 3)? How has God chosen to respond to the needs at hand? On what two qualities is our attention focused (verses 5 and 6)?

5. What’s the cause of thanksgiving in verses 7 through 9? Why do we need to be reminded to give thanks? What does God see as strength (verses 10 – 11)?

6. What two blessings are in store for Jerusalem (verses 12 – 14)? What is this “word” that “runs swiftly” (verse 15)?

7. Does the poet sound burdened by the Jewish Law here (verses 19 and 20)? Why is the law so important to Jews?

8. What comes to mind when you think of power?

  • physical strength?
  • compassion?
  • moral truth?
  • beauty?
  • ability to influence events?
  • other?

9. In reference to Question #8, do you feel powerful?

10. Has God ever surprised you with a creative alternative to an “impossible” situation? Is a new creation waiting to be born in your life now? Or are you empty, infertile, running up against the limits of your understanding? How can God’s might and understanding penetrate these barriers?

11. Do you sometimes delight in the strength of the horse? The legs of a man? The legs of a woman? Why is fearing God the better choice?


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