Judgment on Israel’s Enemies (Zechariah 9:1 – 8)

Scripture Text:

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There is no indication at all as to when the final prophecies of Zechariah are either received or recorded. It is not likely that they would have come later than about 460 BC. Since the historical record is otherwise virtually silent for about 35 years, we will present and study Zechariah’s last (and futuristic) prophecies over the next couple of weeks.

Zechariah 9:1 – 8

1. What have you lost that you once took great pride in?

  • academic standing?
  • vehicle?
  • home/residence?
  • houseful of kids?
  • athletic ability?
  • nest egg/retirement money?
  • other?

2. How did it feel to be without your claim to fun, fame or fortune? How did you deal with your loss?

3. What fate does Zechariah envision for Syria, Phoenicia and Philistia (verses 3 – 6)? What have they done to deserve this fate?

4. Are Syria, Phoenicia and Philistia the real targets of this prophecy? What about Jerusalem (verse 9)?

5. Who is being destroyed and who is being preserved? For what purpose?

6. In history (about 333 BC) God used Alexander the Great to deal convincingly with those who opposed his will. Thus was this oracle fulfilled? What lessons does that teach you about God’s love and holiness? About the authority of God’s word spoken through prophets?

7. Are you doing any of the things targeted in this oracle for judgment? Hoarding wealth? Victimizing others? Trusting in your own strength? How has God dealt with you in this area?

8. Unlike the Syrians, Phoenicians, and Philistines or the Jebusites, what can you legitimately take pride in that is of eternal value, knowing that it will never be taken away?



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