The LORD Will Care For Judah (Zechariah 10:1 – 11:3)

Scripture Text:

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Zechariah 10:1 – 11:3

1. In what ways were the Israelites to distinguish between Yahweh and the gods of other nations? What are some good lines used to dupe Israel into worshiping a false god?

2. How will God deal with the false shepherds who have exploited His flock and allowed them to wander (chapter 10:3a; chapter 11:1 – 3)?

3. What images are used to denote the strength and stability God will restore to His flock (chapter 10:3b – 7)? Why will God do this?

4. How is the theme of restoration, promise and fulfillment developed further in verses 8 – 12?

5. Which line here plays on the true meaning of Zechariah’s name (the Lord remembers)? What will God do for His covenant promises and people?

6. What are the false gods or idols in your world? How can you discern their well-disguised lines?

7. As a member of God’s flock, are you . . .

  • wandering aimlessly?
  • looking in vain for greener pastures or still waters?
  • listening to the voices of many shepherds?
  • grazing in the land of promise?
  • getting fleeced?

8. Zechariah’s name means “the Lord remembers”. What of your needs has the Lord remembered to care for? Which of your needs are you still waiting on the Lord to remember?

9. The citizens of Lebanon, Bashan and Jordan (chapter 11:1 – 3) probably wished the Lord had not remembered their sin. Do you sometimes feel that way? When He does remember (and you are punished), what does that teach you to remember the next time around?



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