Two Shepherds (Zechariah 11:4 – 17)

Scripture Text:

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Zechariah 11:4 – 17

1. When have you broken your favorite club, bat, racquet or garden tool? At the time, did you feel like cursing or blessing? How did you compensate for your loss?

2. Who is this cast of characters: “the flock marked for slaughter”? their “buyers”? “they” (verse 6)? “I” (verse 7)?

3. What roles are scripted here? What is meant by their rejecting the prototype Good Shepherd (verses 7 and 8)? What then happened?

4. How are the props used here: “Favor” (verse 10)? “thirty pieces of silver” (verse 13)? “Union” (verse 14)?

5. What insight does this give us into Zechariah as a “shepherd”? The Messiah as Good Shepherd (compare to John 10:1 – 18)? The anti-Christ as false shepherd?

6. Have you ever rejected a good shepherd? And later regretted it? What did the experience teach you?

7. Zechariah’s staffs suggest that his mission was to ensure divine favor on the flock by binding them into one. How far does this parallel the experience of your church in relation to the Good Shepherd?

8. Breaking the staffs signifies the breaking of Israel into two hostile parties. In what ways are members of your church broken into factions?

9. When do you envision the fulfillment of this prophecy?



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