Mourning For The One They Pierced; Cleansing From Sin (Zechariah 12:10 – 13:6)

Scripture Text:

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Zechariah 12:10 – 13:6

1. What sad day do you recall from your childhood? How did that event affect you growing up?

2. If forced to choose between the two, would you rather be a prophet or a farmer? Why?

3. Who’s crying here? Why? How extensively (chapter 12:11; see 2 Chronicles 35:22 – 25)?

4. The word for “stab” (chapter 13:3) is the same in Hebrew as “pierced” (chapter 12:10)? What might that say about the fate of those who killed the Messiah?

5. Why would these prophets prefer to be farmers (verses 4 – 6)?

6. What is the good news in all this (chapter 13:1, 2)?

7. In what ways has a “spirit of grace and supplication” (verse 10) lead to conviction and repentance for you? Your church? Your nation?

8. What false prophets today fit the description here?

9. When asked if you are a Christian, what do you say? How do others know without asking? What masks do you wear to avoid detection? What shameful things in church history and in today’s church have caused you to hide?



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