The Death and Burial Of Moses (Deuteronomy 34)

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Deuteronomy 34


1. What is the last sight you would like to see before you die?

2. What about Moses’ relationship with God and His people made him unique?

3. What about Moses’ relationships was (or could be) common to other believers?

4. What does it mean to know God “face to face”? Do you know God, at least partially, in this way? How did this happen?

5. What did it mean, emotionally and spiritually, for Moses to see the Promised Land?



Moses Blesses The Tribes (Deuteronomy 32:48 – 33:29)

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Deuteronomy 32:48 – 33:29


1. Whose death in your family was (will be) the toughest on you?

2. What is our hope as we approach death?

3. What was your prized possession as you were growing up? Why that one?

4. How do Moses’ blessings (verses 6 – 12) compare, tribe for tribe, with Jacob’s blessings of his tribes (see Genesis 49)?

5. How does this poem of blessing reinforce the song of chapter 32?

6. What picture of God do you get from these verses? Does that make you want to trust God more, or less? How so?

7. What is your response to these blessings? Why?

8. What questions does this chapter prompt, especially when compared to Jacob’s blessings in Genesis 49?

9. Who would you like to bless? With what? Why?


The Song Of Moses (Deuteronomy 31:30 – 32:47)

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Deuteronomy 31:30 – 32:47


1. What kind of music do you like? What local radio station or music group typifies your taste?

2. Read this song out loud and imagine yourself as an Israelite listening to the song. Is theological truth being conveyed here in logical, propositional form (stating facts)? Or in feeling tones and painted pictures (stating impressions)? What difference does that make in how you interpret this song?

3. What kind of parent is God (verses 10 – 14, 18)? By contrast, what kind of child was Israel (verses 15 – 18)?

4. If this song were set to music with solo parts and a common refrain, what verse(s) would you choose as the repeated refrain? What would be the message of your imagined song lyrics?

5. In what sense is this song your song? Do Christians sing anything like the truths of this song? If so, what?

6. What does it mean that God is your “rock”? How can you live this truth?

7. Is it harder to follow God in times of prosperity, or in times of adversity? Why?

8. The Israelites made God jealous by their “worthless idols” (verse 21). How do you make God jealous?

9. Do verses 28 and 29 apply to your nation? How so? What can you and your fellow citizens do to grow in discernment and wisdom?

10. Who or what are you tempted to rely on rather than God? Why? What prompts you to trust and obey God?

11. What is the lesson of this song for you?