Genesis 1: Even in the Beginning, There Was a Plan

My Introductory Comments:

Hello again everyone. A few months ago, a young man named Zak started a blog entitled “A Chapter Per Day”. To encourage his writings and studies, I will be reblogging one of his posts every week for the next 5 weekends (probably the first chapter of every book we studied thus far). If you have the opportunity to visit his blog, I am sure he would appreciate it. Thanks and may God bless you all!

A Chapter Per Day

I guess there is something to be said for starting out on one of the most controversial topics in the entire Bible.

Now, creationism and evolution have been the topic of numerous books, movies, sermons and conferences. I believe that it is a very important question and debate, and I believe in creationism in case you’re wondering. We can talk about that some other time, but I want to try to bring you something a little bit different that maybe you hadn’t thought of before.

I want to call your attention specifically to something very interesting in Genesis 1:14.

Gen 1:14  And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

If you have spent very much time in church, you know the order of creation…

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Joseph’s Death (Genesis 50:15 – 26)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 50:14 – 26


1. Which memory is harder for you to shake: rejection or guilt? Why?

2. Which is harder for you to accept: mercy or judgment? Why?

3. How does Joseph’s story reveal the truth of verses 19 – 21?

4. What do you make of the brothers’ fears as described here? Is it justified? Why or why not?

5. What low lights and highlights come to mind when you apply verses 19 – 21 to your life?

6. Complete the following sentence: “When I die, my family will smile when they remember the time . . .”

7. What outstanding characteristic of Joseph’s life would you like to make a part of yours?

8. How is Joseph’s last request tied to God’s promises? To the precedent of his father, grandfather and great grandfather? To the anticipation of Exodus?

9. What does this “Book of Beginnings” teach you about your own roots? About the faith of your fathers? About your own faith? About God’s promises to you and your children?

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The Death and Burial of Jacob (Genesis 49:29 – 50:14)

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Genesis 49:29 – 50:14


1. How many different places have you lived in your life? Of these, which was your favorite? Which was “home”?

2. When you die, which would you most like to have performed at your funeral: 76 trombones? A simple banjo? An electric guitar? A full orchestra in tails? What does your choice say about how you hope to live?

3. Why is it so important to Jacob that he be buried in Canaan (remember Genesis 46:1 – 4; 47:29 – 31)? What does this say about Jacob’s faith in God’s promises?

4. Where would you like to be buried? Will your funeral be bigger or smaller than your wedding or your graduation party? What does that say about how long you expect to live or how many survivors and friends you will have accumulated?

5. How do you feel about death and dying? Are you afraid of dying? Why  or why not? Have you managed to avoid talking about it with your family? Why? Why not talk about it sometime soon?

Additional Comments:

Joseph’s political importance is underlined by the elaborate mummification procedure for his father. Jacob’s mourning period was only two days shorter than that given for a Pharaoh. In addition, all the court dignitaries traveled to Canaan for the funeral.