The Last Words of King David (2 Samuel 23:1 – 7)

Scripture Text:

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2 Samuel 23:1 – 7


1. As a teen, who was your “singer of songs” (or favorite music group)? Now what music do you like?

2. Which of his idealized terms (verses 1 – 4) apply to David? Which of these images are more fully realized in David’s greater son, Jesus, the ideal theocratic ruler yet to come?

3. In these last words, how does David underscore the divine inspiration of all his recorded words (verses 2 and 3)?

4. How does David know all is right with his house (verse 5; see also 2 Samuel 7:12 – 16)? How do evil men compare with him (verses 6 and 7)?

5. Regarding divine inspiration, how does God’s Word come to be in human words? By mechanical dictation? Power of suggestion? Or what?

6. Can God speak through you this week? How is that like or unlike divine inspiration? With whom would you like to share God’s Word?



David’s Might Men (2 Samuel 23:8 – 39; 1 Chronicles 11:10 – 47)

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2 Samuel 23:8 – 39

1 Chronicles 11:10 – 47


1. What do you consider one of your greatest accomplishments? Why? What obstacles did you have to overcome?

2. Which “mighty man” character was your most favorite and why?

  • Superman?
  • Batman?
  • The Lone Ranger?
  • Mighty Mouse?
  • Popeye?
  • Robin Hood?
  • Roy Rogers?
  • James Bond?
  • Other: ___________

3. In the “Greatest Military Heroes of All Time” category (excluding Bible personalities), who would you place in your “Top Three”?

4. How do you envision David’s warriors?

  • tough and toothless
  • sly as a fox
  • ferocious as a lion
  • faithful friends

5. What would a guy like Eleazar or Benaiah probably be today?

  • a middle linebacker
  • a professional wrestler
  • a biker
  • a Green Beret
  • a Secret Service agent
  • a Navy SEAL
  • a street minister
  • a prayer warrior

6. What made David’s might men so mighty?

  • a team spirit
  • brute strength
  • good leadership
  • superior strategy
  • individual heroics
  • willpower and determination
  • God’s favor

7. Take a sample cross-section of 100 “average” Christian soldiers in the Lord’s army. Would you place yourself in the top 30? Why or why not? What strengths would you need to develop to be among your King’s mighty warriors?

8. This question is for men. How much do you feel a need in your life for support from other men?

  • I really feel that need.
  • I want to move in that direction but I feel a little uptight about it.
  • Strong men stand on their own.
  • Giving and receiving other men’s support is easier said than done.