Ahab Killed at Ramoth Gilead (1 Kings 22:29 – 40; 2 Chronicles 18:28 – 19:3)

Scripture Text:

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1 Kings 22:29 – 40

2 Chronicles 18:28 – 19:3

1. Have you ever said hello to a person you’d mistaken for someone else? How did he or she react? What characteristic mislead you?

2. Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

3. You are invited to a masquerade party. Who do you come dressed as?

4. What was Ahab’s strategy for saving his own neck in this battle? How about the military strategy of the king of Aram?

5. Why would Jehoshaphat volunteer to become a target in this battle? How did the Lord help him? What do you think Jehoshaphat cried out?

6. What is the significance of a random arrow killing Ahab?

7. Who rebuked Jehoshaphat? What lessons were learned from this battle? About alliances? About God?

8. How does the end of this story fulfill the prophecy of Micaiah (see 1 Kings 22:20, 28)? Of Elijah (see 1 Kings 21:19 – 21, 29)? Thus proving what?

9. Do you believe that God sovereignly controls all of life’s circumstances? Is there human choice? Randomness? Explain.

10. Do you generally feel embarrassed to “cry out” for help? Ever have a narrow escape and learned about God from it? What happened?